**Raids and Schedule**

Zerg is a well established HNM Linkshell on Sylph dating back to August 2007.

We operate during EST nighttime for the purposes of scheduled raids (such as Abyssea). We raid Sunday through Friday (Saturdays off) starting at 8:30p Eastern for 3~ hours.

We aim to do Dynamis/Einherjar twice a week, and Abyssea three times a week. Two Abyssea days are dedicated to farming items for the current 85 stage Empyrean upgrader, and the other one is allocated towards 90 stage upgrading and AF3+2 completion. The remaining day is variable between Voidwatch, KS99, Sky, Sea, and other content.

Which raid on which day is variable, but will be posted at the end of the previous day's event. This is done to disincentivize habitual skipping on certain days.

In addition any HNM pop is considered mandatory if you are online.

For Abyssea, you are expected to have enough stones on hand for LS events. This does not mean you can't do Abyssea outside the shell, merely that the impetus is on you to gather the appropriate recharge/extension Abyssites and manage the time you spend in Abyssea so that personal activities do not interfere with your membership. I can't imagine it still being an issue at this point, but for those who live in Abyssea being low on stones is not an excuse to skip. We do not specifically farm time/lights, if we get low on time as we go then we set more stones. You are expected to be able to set at least 120 minutes worth of time in Abyssea for our events.

For Dynamis, there will be at least a day's warning so that you do not use your entry ahead of time. You are free to do Dynamis on your own time on days where the lsmes is not set to Dynamis.

**What we are looking for**

We are looking for high level players who can make at least 50% of our scheduled events (i.e. you play at least 3 nights a week in our timeframe). While we are not looking for any jobs specifically, but a player needs to be able to do something besides physical DPS.

We don't expect applicants to be fully geared, however we do expect gear that reflects a commitment towards performance and shows a solid grasp on job mechanics. We also expect applicants to be fully merited on all primary jobs at the time of application.

**About Zerg**

Zerg is a "strictly business" shell. That does not mean the environment of the shell is not cordial or that we are not friends, but that we recognize that what makes a shell thrive is success. Momentum and member satisfaction is key to a healthy environment whereas failures and cynicism create a downward spiral.

Because we feel that questions of corruption, favoritism, and bias are harmful to a shell, we employ a DKP system with attendance requirements. No loot system is ever perfect, but the consistent goal of the leadership is to make it that you get out of Zerg what you put into Zerg. We can, and do, handsomely reward members who put in the time and effort. We average a 30:1 loot to raid ratio. Additionally we have had members as new as two weeks have received items like the Epona's Ring. In the long term, dedicated members are eligible for Relic, Mythic, or Empyrean Sponsored Upgrading.

We still consider ourselves an HNM shell, and we view ourselves as in direct competition with every other shell on the server. We strive to be the beat and conquer the competition, and we expect our members to contribute towards that goal through dedicated and intelligent play. Members are expected to know how the perform their jobs optimally and strive towards maximized gear and build.

Today even new shells can accomplish much in End Game propped up by Atma, Brews, and Cruor Buffs. However they will be fish out of the water once their crutches are gone. Comparatively we thrived in the era before Abyssea, and we will be around after Abyssea when this game (hopefully) becomes challenging again. We have made over 35 Relics, and acquired 13 Adaman Hauberks, 7 Ridills, 6 Dalmaticas, 3 Defending Rings, 12 Ace's Helms, 13 Hauteclairs, and 5 Shadow Rings (when those mobs actually mattered and were World Spawns). We beat AV before level cap raises or the Alexander 2hr. We have the prerequisite skill and infrastructure to succeed and dominate at the highest level in direct competition with other shells.
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